Super busy snowy week

We’ve all had them. The week that just gets away from you. My kids are involved in activities at school. The girlie just finished up her last high school musical – The Wizard of Oz. Best high school production I’ve ever seen. And I’ve seen quite a few, as well as played bass in a lot of them. Their technical elements and costumes were just spectacular. I wish I could have taken photos, but they had a real paid professional there taking photos and I didn’t want to intrude. Story of my life – never wanting to intrude.

And the boy is in baseball. Every day baseball. So I am spending long hours in the car waiting, mostly without internet connections because the high school seems to be in some sort of pit where no connections can be made. I did spend a lovely couple hours sleeping in the sun in my car the other day. I enjoy the sun.

It’s also been a busy week health-wise. Doctors appointments, tests I’ve been putting off for years, finally getting things taken care of. It feels good to know that is all done. Just the waiting on results now. My doctor is over an hour away (and a tank of gas) so while I was down there I took advantage of the snowy day to stop into a forest preserve I’ve never investigated before. Got some lovely photos. Tried to sneak up on the wildlife, but they heard me coming a mile away, as my 14 year old mini van is squealing something terrible. I think I need a Prius. I’d be able to sneak up on nature then for sure.

Here are a few photos:

snowtree031813-3 snow031813-6 snowtree031813-2 tree031813-1 tree031813-4 opossum3 opossum4 snow031813-2 snow031813-3 snow031813-4 snow031813-5


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