April 15th

Today is tax day. I did mine, myself, for the first time ever. Mailed them out last week. I’m quite proud of myself actually. So today was going on like a normal day…work, out for photo taking at lunch, more work this afternoon – then I heard the news.

Bombings at the Boston Marathon. At first I thought it might not be anything too serious. I hoped it wouldn’t be anything too serious. It turns out it is something serious. My heart is saddened. I know Boston. I’ve wanted to live there for years. Ever since visiting there in high school back in 1981. I thought it was just a fabulous town.

When my then fiance and I decided to get married – we eloped due to all sorts of issues – the first place that jumped into my mind was Boston. I loved it there. We did elope there – met a justice of the peace in the Boston Public Garden on the fourth of July. I don’t have any photos since we were alone there. It was a good time, though. Boston on the fourth of July. We ate lunch in the Union Oyster House. With Benjamin Franklin and George Washington. There were there fresh from the parade.

We walked all around town. Faneuil Hall, Quincy Market, Old North Church, Paul Revere’s House, the Commons. I love it there. Today I am saddened. It hits close to home. I know this city, I’ve been there. My heart is saddened for the good people of Boston.

I took these photos over the weekend. They seem appropriate today.

flag2 flag3 flag4 flag5 flag6


Oh I love a rainy night…

That is a flash-back reference to my high school days working at Tin Cup Restaurant, which was a country western themed restaurant/bar. Cue up some Eddie Rabbit on the juke box, and enjoy this set of photos I took while vegging out in the passenger seat on the way home last night. It was going on midnight, and I’d had more than a full day’s work, and the colors and reflections of the lights just hit me the right way. I hope you enjoy them.