This one time…at Burger King…

My dirty little secret: I had Burger King for lunch today and it was delicious. Seriously, the best lunch I’ve had in a while. And I ate it in my car. There. I’ve said it. I eat fast food in my car. Parked far away from the rest of the civilized folk.

But, yeah, this burger was a thing of beauty. Whopper – no lettuce, no pickle. Too much greenery. And it was slightly more char-broiled than usual, another bonus in my book. I like things a bit more well done. But it had mayo, onion, ketchup AND tomato. Unheard of! Ketchup and tomato. Mmmmm…bringing back good memories just thinking about it.

Oh, and on top of this delectable burger and my Dr. Pepper, inside my little carton of fries was a bonus! A sweet little onion ring stowaway. Does lunch get any better? And for a mere six bucks.

And then there was this on the way to lunch:


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