Did you see the new headers?

Ok, I know this isn’t a life shattering post, but just wanted to share that I did a little work on the blog and made 6 new headers. They are set to display randomly because I couldn’t decide which to use right away. I liked them all. But that’s the point.

Do what makes you happy. And for now, these fit the bill.


Did I ever explain the blog name, by the way?

Since I decided to combine the Blanket Statements blog and the Leslie A Photography blog into one to simplify my crazy hectic life, I wanted something that would encompass both aspects. To try to tie everything together. You know, the moving on with life part. But also the focus on the betterment of situations part. I’m an almost 47 year old (who still feels 16, mind you) who has decided my entire life is suddenly laid out before me like an unpainted canvas. There’s a path to take, or rather several paths to take judging from the photos – and I want to see where they all go. But not forget where I came from or what I can do to give a hand to those that are coming along.

Going forward. Giving Back. I don’t think it gets any better than that.

Hello world!


This is the first post of my newly combined blogging experience. I’ve been writing on five different blogs, a couple personal ones, one about my impending divorce, one for my Blanket Statements business, and a new one for my new photography gig. Those, plus facebook, twitter, pinterest, and the websites themselves was proving to be way too much work. So I’ve decided to pare down the blogs and just write one. One that will encompass all of it, since it is all of me. One me, doing it all. I was beginning to feel like I had a multiple personality disorder trying to keep everything neatly contained in little boxes.

Since the Blanket Statements blog was pretty well established I will notify those followers to come join us over here. And I will link this blog to all of the other pages. I am also going to try to figure out how to link to the other blogs for the “good old stuff” rather than bring the posts over here. But going forward, I’ll just be posting a mishmash of everything here.

Read me when you want, or skip me when I’m whining, but from now on we’re “Going Forward and Giving Back.”

In all ways.

Love you!

Leslie A.